The Akashic Records hold information about everything that was ever done, thought, felt, and even intended. Of course, this information is not on paper or kept on a computer disk but instead free in the universe for anyone to access. If you are thinking of performing an Akashic records reading or having someone look into the records for you, then it is important to only access your personal records and also important to have a goal in mind. Here are three questions to ask if you have been struggling with self-confidence during this lifetime and want clues to help you increase it. 

1. What Was Your Most Powerful Position Held in a Past Life?

If you struggle greatly with self-confidence, then you may subconsciously feel like you are less important than other people. When asking the Akashic records if you held a position of power in a past life, you may find out that you were once a King or Queen or held a very successful job that you never dreamed you could do in this life. 

How can that information help you now? When you find out that your soul was once capable of ruling over others or had other important duties, it can help you realize your full potential and that you were once a very confident person. Knowing that you are capable of greatness can help give you the initiative to volunteer to head that next project at work or ask for a promotion to that position where you oversee others. 

2. What Emotionally Traumatic Events Occurred in Your Most Recent Lives?

Low self-confidence and self-esteem can stem from emotional trauma. If you experienced a relatively calm and happy childhood and have not experienced any traumatic events in this lifetime, then asking if any occurred in recent lives could give you insight into your disposition in this life. 

What can you do with this information? Part of solving a problem, which is your low self-confidence in this case, is knowing the cause. If the Akashic record reading reveals that in a past live, you lived in poverty and financial insecurity, then that can give you a clue that food insecurity and never knowing if you were going to have a roof over your head due to financial problems started your self-confidence issues. 

You can then take steps every day to remind yourself that your financial problems in a past life do not affect you today and even work with a psychic counselor to help you move on emotionally and live fully in the present. 

An Akashic record reading can help you learn about your past lives and how they influence you today. While knowing who you were and what you did in past lives won't immediately solve your problems, it can give you clues that help you come to a solution alone or with a psychic counselor.